Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let's Stop Wasting Our Lives

‎"One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook ( blogger, e-mail, or internet in general) will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time." 
— John Piper

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I just thought you should know...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Delighting Ourselves In Jesus

“Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart” Psalm 37:4
Do we as Christians truly delight ourselves in Jesus? 
Is He truly better to us then everything else to us? 

Recently, I have been through something that has convicted of the fact that although unaware of it, I have been delighting myself in other things, and not only in my Beloved. Oh, I am amazed at my Lord. How He is so constantly loving us, and rejoicing over us! My heart has been opened up to the Love of my Jesus in a way that I have never experience before. 

Oh, how He loves us!

Ok, I am not sure that you all understand the biggness of our God. It says in Psalm 33:6 that God breathed the stars into existence. As you read the following paragraph, my prayer is that you will be humbled by the majesty of our God! His glory truly is displayed in the heavens! 
  "The largest star we know of is called Canus Majoris. It is so big that if the earth was the size of a golf ball, this star would be the height of Mt Everest. The earth would fit inside this star 7 quadrillion times. 7,000,000,000,000,000 times. If you had that many golf balls you could cover the entire state of Texas 22 inches deep!" ~Louie Giglio 
Here it is in relation to the Sun: (oh and by the way, from the sun, you can not even see earth!)

Now find yourself on that golf ball called Earth, and let me know how big you are! Let me tell you something... God sees you on that golf ball, He knows you better then you even know yourself! 

I started weeping the other evening, as the Lord opened up my eyes to His great Love. Just imagine, the One who created all things, who breathes out the stars, and life is spoken into being from His very lips. This God knows the name of every star, yet He knows every hair on our head, and our every thought. This God, the all-knowing & everlasting King of the Universe, humbled Himself and came down to Earth. He died for us, for you. He gave up all that He is, His Being, His Life ~ for you. No only that, but He rose back to life and now chooses to live within us. 
I believe that Christianity consists of two things. 1. Us delighting ourselves in the Lord. 2. The Lord delighting Himself in us, and us reckoning with that. With that said, that doesn't mean that there are not other things involved in Christianity, but when we are delighting ourselves in Him, we will follow Him wherever He leads us, we will surrender our all to Him, we will give our lives to prayer for Him, we will live for Him and die for Him!  At root, what God delights in about us is that we delight in him.
 “The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness." Zephaniah 3:17 
 “The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.”Psalm 137:11
When your delight is in the Lord alone, nothing matters to us except what matters to Him. There is no need to be anxious. If He created everything, then He can provide us with all that is necessary! Oh Lord we praise you!
Merriam Webster 1828 Dictionary defines delight as this: 
1. A high degree of pleasure, or satisfaction of mind; joy.
His delight is in the law of the Lord. Ps. 1.
2. That which gives great pleasure; that which affords delight.
I was daily his delight. Prov. 8.
Delight is a more permanent pleasure than joy, and not dependent on sudden excitement.
1. To affect with great pleasure; to please highly; to give or afford high satisfaction or joy; as, a beautiful landscape delights the eye; harmony delights the ear; the good conduct of children, and especially their piety, delights their parents.
I will delight myself in thy statutes. Ps. 119.
2. To receive great pleasure in.
I delight to do thy will. Ps. 40:8.
DELIGHT, v.i. To have or take great pleasure; to be greatly pleased or rejoiced; followed by in.
I delight in the law of God after the inward man. Rom. 7.
What is it that honestly makes our hearts beat, puts a smile on our faces, makes us want to burst with love and delight? I think that as Christians, the answer to each one of these questions ought to be Christ - and Christ alone! He is all that we need, and without Him, we are nothing, and can do nothing apart from Him. 

Oh believers, I love each and every one of you so very dearly. My prayer today is that all who read this will be humbled by the great love of our Jesus, will behold His majesty, and will learn to delight themselves in Him always, no matter what the circumstance!

Have a wonderful day! May you experience the delight of Jesus and may you delight yourself in Jesus! 

In Christ's Love, 

Hannah Brooke Hartman

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Sufferings Of My Dearly Beloved

It is not thy hold on Christ that saves thee; it is Christ. It is not thy joy in Christ that saves thee; it is Christ. It is not even thy faith in Christ, though that be the instrument; it is Christ's blood and merit. Charles Spurgeon

" For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth." Romans 1:16-17
When He was reviled, He did not revile in return; when He suffered, He did not threaten. 1 Peter 2:23 
It was the will of the LORD to crush him he has put him to grief. Isaiah 53:10 

The agonies of God's Son were incomparable. No one ever suffered like this man. Through all eternity, we will contemplate the killing of the Son of God and sing, "Worthy is the Lam who was slain" (Revelation 5:12). ... So come and worship with me at the splendor of Christ's sufferings. 

No one ever deserved suffering less, yet received so much. The stamp of God on this perfect life is found in two words: "without sin" (Hebrews 4:15). The only person in history who did not deserve to suffer, suffered most. He committed no sin, neither was deceit found in his mouth" (1 Peter 2:22). None of Jesus' pain was a penalty for His sin. He had no sin. 

Therefore, no one has ever had a greater right to retaliate, but used it less. He had at His disposal infinite power to take revenge at any moment in His agony. "Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and He will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?" (Matthew 16:53) But He did not do it. When every judicial sentiment in the universe cried out "Unjust!" Jesus was silent. "He gave [Pilate] no answer, not even unto a single charge" (Matthew 27"14). Nor did He refute false ridicule: "When He was reviled, He did not revile in return; when He suffered, He did not threaten" (1 Peter 2:23). Nor did He defend Himself in response to Herod's interrogation: "He made no answer" (Luke 23:9). No one has ever borne so much injustice with so little vengeance. 

This was not because the torment was tolerable. If we had been forced to watch, we probably would have passed out. In the garden, "His sweat became like great drops of blood falling to the ground" (Luke 22:44). In the middle of the night, before the high priest, "they spit in his face and struck him. And some slapped him.(Matthew 26:67). Before the governor the "scourged" him (Matthew 27:26). Eusebius (about A.D. 300) described the Roman scourging of Christians like this: "At one time they were torn by scourges down to the deep-seated veins and arteries, so that the hidden contents of the recesses of their bodies, their entrails and organs, were exposed to sight."

In agony the soldiers toyed with him. They dressed him in mock robes of royalty. They began to "cover his face and to strike him, saying to him 'Prophesy!' And the guards received him with blows" (Mark 14:65). A crown of thorns was pressed down on his head - made worse by being driven into his skull with blows. "They were striking his head with a reed and spitting on him and kneeling down in homage to him" (Mark 15:19). In this condition he was unable to carry his own cross (Matthew 27:32)

The torture and shame continued. He was stripped. His hands and feet were nailed to the cross. (Acts 2:23; Psalm 22:16). The mockery was unrelenting through the terrible morning. "Hail the King of the Jews!" "You who would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days, save yourself! If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross" (Matthew 27:29, 40). Even one of the criminals "railed at him" (Luke 23:39).

It was a hideous death. The International Standard Bible Encyclopediatells us, "The wounds swelled about the rough nails, and the torn and lacerated tendons and nerves cause excruciating agony. The arteries of the head and stomach were surcharged with blood and a terrific throbbing headache ensured.... The victim of crucification literally died a thousand deaths.... The suffering was so frightful that 'even among the raging passions of war pity was sometimes excited.'"

All of this came upon the "friend of sinners," not with brothers at his side, but utterly abandoned. Judas had betrayed him with a kiss (Luke 22:48). Peter had denied him three times (Matthew 26:75). And in the darkest hour of the history of the world, God the Father struck His own Son with our punishment. "We esteemed him stricken, smitten by God and afflicted" (Isaiah 53:4). The only person in the world who truly knew God (Matthew 11:27) cried out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46)
...The suffering and weakness of Jesus were a work of His sovereign power. "No one takes [my life] from me, but I lay it down of my own accord" (John 10:18). He freely chose to join the Father's design for his own suffering and death.

And the goal of it all? "Great love has no man than this, that someone lays down his life for his friends" (John 15:13). Yes, but to what end? What does love pursue? Two which are really one purpose. First "Christ... suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God" (1 Peter 3:18). The suffering of Jesus brought us to God who is fullness of joy and pleasure forevermore. Second, in the very hour of death the Father and the Son were glorified. "Now is the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in him: (John 13:31). Our joy in savoring God and his glory in saving us are one. That is the glory of Christ's incomparable sufferings."

-John Piper, Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ
My dearest sisters and brothers in Christ, Is the Lamb that was slain not worthy to receive the reward of His sufferings? Are you willing to lay down your life for the One that so freely gave His life for you? Remember always that He is most definitely worthy!
In Christ's love and sufferings,   
Hannah Brooke Hartman

My Beloved King in the midst of His sufferings 

Please, my beloved, come join me in Gethsemane?
Will you bear this heavy burden with me,
Feel all sin upon your small shoulders
As you watch all powers of hell flee!  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Ancient War Cry

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fairest Lord Jesus

Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of all nature,
O Thou of God and man the Son,
Thee will I cherish, Thee will I honor,
Thou, my soul’s glory, joy and crown.

Fair are the meadows, fairer still the woodlands,
Robed in the blooming garb of spring;
Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer,
Who makes the woeful heart to sing.

Fair is the sunshine,
Fairer still the moonlight,
And all the twinkling starry host;
Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer
Than all the angels heaven can boast.

All fairest beauty, heavenly and earthly,
Wondrously, Jesus, is found in Thee;
None can be nearer, fairer or dearer,
Than Thou, my Savior, art to me.

Beautiful Savior! Lord of all the nations!
Son of God and Son of Man!
Glory and honor, praise, adoration,
Now and forever more be Thine.

He is fairer still today!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Name of Jesus

This is a beautiful and powerful list of the precious names of our Jesus, and amazing meditation! Blessings...

The Lord is my portion...

My Maker, Husband Isa 54:5
My Well-beloved Sgs 1:13
My Saviour 2Pe 3:18
My Hope 1Ti 1:1
My Brother Mar 3:35
My Portion Jer 10:16
My Helper Hbr 13:6
My Physician Jer 8:22
My Healer Luk 9:11
My Refiner Mal 3:3
My Purifier Mal 3:3
My Lord, Master Jhn 13:13
My Servant Luk 12:37
My Example Jhn 13:15
My Teacher Jhn 3:2
My Shepherd Psa 23:1
My Keeper Jhn 17:12
My Feeder Eze 34:23
My Leader Isa 40:11
My Restorer Psa 23:3
My Resting-place Jer 50:6
My Meat (his flesh) Jhn 6:55
My Drink (his blood) Jhn 6:55
My Passover 1Cr 5:7
My Peace Eph 2:14
My Wisdom 1Cr 1:30
My Righteousness 1Cr 1:30
My Sanctification 1Cr 1:30
My Redemption 1Cr 1:30
My All in All

Consider Him...

He was Obedient Phl 2:8
He was Meek, Lowly Mat 11:29
He was Guileless 1Pe 2:22
He was Tempted Hbr 4:15
He was Oppressed Isa 53:7
He was Despised Isa 53:3
He was Rejected Isa 53:3
He was Betrayed Mat 27:3
He was Condemned Mar 14:64
He was Reviled 1Pe 2:23
He was Scourged Jhn 19:1
He was Mocked Mat 27:29
He was Wounded Isa 53:5
He was Bruised Isa 53:5
He was Stricken Isa 53:4
He was Smitten Isa 53:4
He was Crucified Mat 27:35
He was Forsaken Psa 22:1
He is Merciful Hbr 2:17
He is Faithful Hbr 2:17
He is Holy, Harmless Hbr 7:26
He is Undefiled Hbr 7:26
He is Separate Hbr 7:26
He is Perfect Hbr 5:9
He is Glorious Isa 49:5
He is Mighty Isa 63:1
He is Justified 1Ti 3:16
He is Exalted Act 2:33
He is Risen Luk 24:6
He is Glorified Act 3:13

Allusions, Characteristics and Epithets

As a Refiner's Fire. As Fuller's Soap Mal 3:2
As the Light of the Morning when the sun riseth, a morning without clouds. As the Tender Grass by clear shining after rain 2Sa 23:4
As a Tender Plant (to God). As a Root out of a dry ground (to man) Isa 53:2
As Rain upon the mown grass. As Showers that water the earth Psa 72:6
As Rivers of Water in a dry place. As the Shadow of a great Rock in a weary land. As an Hiding-place from the wind Isa 32:2
As Ointment poured forth Sgs 1:3
Fairer than the Children of Men Psa 45:2
A glorious high Throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary Jer 17:12
For a Glorious Throne to his father's house Isa 22:23
A Crown of Glory and Beauty Isa 28:5
A Stone of Grace Pro 17:8
Nail fastened in a sure place Isa 22:23
A Brother born for adversity Pro 17:17
A Friend that sticketh closer than a brother Pro 18:24
A Friend that loveth at all times Pro 17:17
His Countenance is as the sun Rev 1:16
His Countenance is as Lebanon Sgs 5:15
Yea. He is altogether lovely. This is my beloved and my Friend Sgs 5:16

He shall reign for ever and ever. Rev 11:15
The Judge Act 17:31
The Righteous Judge 2Ti 4:8
The King Zec 14:16
The King of Kings Rev 19:16
Lord of Lords Rev 19:16
A Sceptre (out of Israel) Num 24:17
The King's Son Psa 72:1
David their King Jer 30:9
The King of Israel Jhn 1:49
King of the daughter of Zion Jhn 12:15
The King of the Jews (born) Mat 2:2; 15:2
The King of the Jews (crucified) Jhn 19:19
The King of Saints or King of Nations Rev 15:3
King over all the Earth Zec 14:4, 5, 9
The King of Righteousness Hbr 7:2
The King of Peace Hbr 7:2
The King of Glory Psa 24:10
The King in his beauty Isa 33:17
He sitteth King for ever Psa 29:10
Crowned with a Crown of Thorns Jhn 19:2
Crowned with Glory and Honor Hbr 2:9
Crowned with a Crown of Pure Gold Psa 21:3
Crowned with many Crowns Rev 19:12

Him hath God Exalted to be a Prince and a Saviour. Act 5:31

The Messiah the Prince Dan 9:25
The Prince of Life Act 3:15
A Prince and a Saviour Act 5:31
The Prince of Peace Isa 9:6
The Prince of Princes Dan 8:25
The Prince of the Kings of the earth Rev 1:5
A Prince (among Israel) Eze 34:24
The Glory of thy people Israel Luk 2:32
He that filleth all in all Eph 1:23

All Power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Mat 28:18

The Lord 1Cr 12:3
One Lord Eph 4:5
God hath made that same Jesus both Lord and Christ Act 2:36
Lord of Lords Rev 17:14
King of Kings Rev 17:14
Lord both of the dead and living Rom 14:9
Lord of the Sabbath Luk 6:5
Lord of Peace 2Th 3:16
Lord of all Act 10:36
Lord over all Rom 10:12

Gird thy Sword upon thy thigh, O Most Mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty. Psa 45:3

The Captain of the Host of the Lord Jos 5:14
The Captain of Salvation Hbr 2:10
The Author and Finisher of Faith Hbr 12:2
A Leader Isa 55:4
A Commander Isa 55:4
A Ruler Mic 5:2
A Governor Mat 2:6
The Deliverer Rom 11:26
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah Rev 5:5
An Ensign of the People Isa 11:10
The Chiefest among Ten Thousand (in an army) Sgs 5:10
A Polished Shaft Isa 49:2
The Shield Psa 84:9

That in All things he might have the Pre-Eminence. Col 1:18

The Beginning of the Creation of God Rev 3:14
My First-Born Psa 89:27
The First-Born from the dead Col 1:18
The First-Begotten of the dead Rev 1:5
The First-Born among many Brethren Rom 8:29
The First-Fruits of them that slept 1Cr 15:20
The Last Adam 1Cr 15:45
The Resurrection Jhn 11:25
A Quickening Spirit 1Cr 15:45
The Head (even Christ) Eph 4:15
The Head of the Body, the Church Col 1:18
The Head over all things to the Church Eph 1:22
The Head of every Man 1Cr 11:3
The Head of all Principality and Power Col 2:10

He that is Holy, he that is True. Rev 3:7

The Just 1Pe 3:18
The Just One Act 7:52
Thine Holy One Act 2:27
The Holy One and the Just Act 3:14
The Holy One of Israel Isa 49:7
The Holy One of God Mar 1:24
Holy, Holy, Holy Isa 6:3; Jhn 12:41

Who was Faithful to Him that appointed him. Hbr 3:2

The Truth Jhn 14:6
The Faithful and True Rev 19:11
A Covenant of the people Isa 42:6
The Testator or Covenanter Hbr 9:16, 17
The Faithful Witness Rev 1:5
The Faithful and True Witness Rev 3:14
A Witness to the People Isa 55:4
The Amen Rev 3:14

A Gift is a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it; whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth. Pro 17:8

The Gift of God Jhn 4:10; 3:16
His Unspeakable Gift 2Cr 9:15
My Beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased Mat 12:18
Mine Elect, in whom my soul delighteth Isa 42:1
The Holy Child Jesus Act 4:27
The Chosen of God Luk 23:35
The Salvation of God Luk 2:30
The Salvation of the daughter of Zion Isa 62:11
The Redeemer Isa 59:20
The Shiloh (Peace-Maker) Gen 49:10
The Consolation of Israel Luk 2:25
The Blessed Psa 77:17
The Most Blessed for ever Psa 21:6

And Simon Peter Answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Mat 16:16

The Son 1Jo 4:14
The Son of God Jhn 1:34
The Son of the living God Mat 16:16
His only begotten Son Jhn 3:16
The Son of the Father 1Jo 1:3
The only begotten of the Father Jhn 1:14
The only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father Jhn 1:18
The first-born of every creature Col 1:15
His own Son Rom 8:32
A Son given Isa 9:6
One Son (his well-beloved) Mar 12:6
My Son Psa 2:7
His dear Son (or the Son of his love) Col 1:13
The Son of the Highest Luk 1:32
The Son of the Blessed Mar 14:61
Secret Jdg 13:18
Wonderful Isa 9:6
Testimony borne to the Son by the Father, by Jesus Himself, by the Spirit, by Angels, saints, men and devils.
The Father, "My Beloved Son." Mat 17:5
Jesus Himself, "I am the Son of God." Jhn 10:36
The Spirit, "The Son of God." Mar 1:1
Gabriel, "The Son of God." Luk 1:35; 2:11
John Baptist, "This is the Son of God." Jhn 1:34
John, Apostle, "The Christ, the Son of God." Jhn 20:31
Paul, Apostle, "He is the Son of God." Act 9:20
Disciples, "Thou art the Son of God." Mat 14:33
Nathaniel, "Rabbi, thou art the Son of God." Jhn 1:49
Martha, "The Christ, the Son of God." Jhn 11:27
Eunuch, "Jesus Christ is the Son of God." Act 8:37
Centurion, "Truly this was the Son of God." Mar 15:39
Unclean spirits, "Thou art the Son of God." Mar 3:11
The Legion, "Thou Son of the Most High God." Mar 5:7

Unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever.

God Jhn 1:1; Mat 1:23; Isa 40:3
Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever Hbr 1:8
The Mighty God Isa 9:6
The Everlasting God Isa 40:28
The True God 1Jo 5:20
My Lord and my God Jhn 20:28
God my Saviour Luk 1:47
Over all, God blessed for ever. Amen Rom 9:5
The God of the whole earth Isa 54:5
God manifest in the flesh 1Ti 3:16
Our God and Savior 2Pe 1:1
The great God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ Tts 2:13
Emanuel, God with us Mat 1:23
The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, The God of Jacob Exd 3:2, 6
The Highest Luk 1:76
Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. Jhn 8:58.

Holy, Holy, Holy is Jehovah of Hosts. Isa 6:3

Jehovah Isa 40:3
The Lord Jehovah Isa 40:10
Jehovah my God Zec 14:5
Jehovah of Hosts Isa 6:3; Jhn 12:41
Jehovah, God of Hosts Hsa 12:4, 5;Gen 32:24
The King, Jehovah of Hosts Isa 6:5
The Strong and Mighty Jehovah Psa 24:8
Jehovah, mighty in battle Psa 24:8
The Man, Jehovah's Fellow Zec 13:7
Jehovah-tsidkenu (the Lord our righteousness) Jer 23:6
The Lord Rom 10:13;Joe 2:32
The Lord of Glory 1Cr 2:8
The Same Hbr 1:12; Psa 102:27
I am Exd 3:14; Jhn 8:24
I am (before Abraham was) Jhn 8:58
I am (whom they sought to kill) Jhn 18:5, 6
I am (the Son of Man lifted up) Jhn 8:28
I am (the Resurrection and the Life) Jhn 11:25

He is before All things, and by Him All things consist. Col 1:17

The Almighty, which is, and which was, and which is to come Rev 1:8
The Creator of all things Col 1:16
The Upholder of all things Hbr 1:3
The Everlasting Father (or Father of Eternity) Isa 9:6
The Beginning Col 1:18
The Beginning and the Ending Rev 1:8
The Alpha and the Omega Rev 1:8
The First and the Last Rev 1:17
The Life 1Jo 1:2
Eternal Life 1Jo 5:20
That Eternal Life which was with the Father 1Jo 1:2
He that liveth Rev 1:18

No man hath seen God at any time; he hath Declared Him. Jhn 1:18

The Word Jhn 1:1
The Word was with God Jhn 1:1
The Word was God Jhn 1:1
The Word of God Rev 19:13
The Word of Life 1Jo 1:1
The Word was made flesh Jhn 1:14
The Image of God 2Cr 4:4
The Image of the Invisible God Col 1:15
The Express Image of his Person Hbr 1:3
The Brightness of his Glory Hbr 1:3
Wisdom Pro 8:12, 22
The Wisdom of God 1Cr 1:24
The Power of God 1Cr 1:24
My Messenger Isa 42:19
The Messenger of the Covenant Mal 3:1
The Angel of Jehovah Gen 22:15
The Angel of God Gen 31:11, 13;Exd 14:19
The Angel of his presence Isa 63:9

Thou hast made Him a little lower than the angels. Hbr 2:7

The Man Jhn 19:5
The Man Christ Jesus 1Ti 2:5
A Man approved of God Act 2:22
The Second Man, the Lord from heaven 1Cr 15:47
The Son of Man Mar 10:33
The Son of Abraham Mat 1:1
The Son of David Mat 1:1
The Son of Mary Mar 6:3
The Son of Joseph (reputed) Jhn 1:45
The Seed of the Woman Gen 3:15
The Seed of Abraham Gal 3:16, 19
Of the Seed of David Rom 1:3

Lo, I Come, to do thy will, O God. Hbr 10:9

The Babe Luk 2:12
The Child Isa 7:16
The Young Child Mat 2:20
A Child Born Isa 9:6
The Child Jesus Luk 2:43
Her First-Born Son Luk 2:7
The Sent of the Father Jhn 10:36
The Apostle Hbr 3:1
A Prophet Act 3:22, 23
A Great Prophet Luk 7:16
The Prophet of Nazareth Mat 21:11
A Prophet mighty in deed and word Luk 24:19
A Servant Phl 2:7
The Servant of the Father Mat 12:18
My Servant, O Israel Isa 49:3
My Servant, the Branch Zec 3:8
My Righteous Servant Isa 53:11
A Servant of Rulers Isa 49:7
A Nazarene, or Nazarite Mat 2:23
The Carpenter Mar 6:3
The Carpenter's Son (reputed) Mat 13:55
He Humbled Himself unto death Phl 2:8
A Stranger and an Alien Psa 69:8
A Man of Sorrows Isa 53:3
A Worm, and no Man Psa 22:6
Accursed of God (or the Curse of God) Deu 21:23

God hath given him A Name which is above every name. 

Jesus Mat 1:21
Jesus Himself Luk 24:15
I, Jesus Rev 22:16
A Saviour, Jesus Act 13:23
The Saviour of the World 1Jo 4:14
A Saviour, which is Christ the Lord Luk 2:11
Jesus Christ Rev 1:5
The Lord Jesus Christ Col 1:2
Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself 2Th 2:16
Jesus the Christ Mat 16:20
Jesus Christ our Lord Rom 5:21
Jesus Christ the Righteous 1Jo 2:1
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to-day and for ever Hbr 13:8
Jesus of Nazareth Act 22:8
Jesus Christ of Nazareth Act 4:10
Lord Jesus Act 7:59
Christ Jesus 1Ti 1:15
Christ Mat 23:8
Messiah, which is called Christ Jhn 4:25
Anointed Psa 2:2; Act 4:27
Christ the Lord Luk 2:11
The Lord Christ Col 3:24
The Christ of God Luk 9:20
The Lord's Christ Luk 2:26
The Christ, the Son of the Blessed Mar 14:61
The Christ, the Saviour of the World Jhn 4:42

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing. Rev 5:12

The Lamb of God Jhn 1:29
A Lamb without blemish and without spot 1Pe 1:19
The Lamb that was slain Rev 5:12
A Lamb as it had been slain Rev 5:6
The Lamb in the midst of the throne Rev 7:17
The Bridegroom Mat 9:15; Rev 21:9
The Lamb (the Temple of the City) Rev 21:22
The Lamb (the Light of the City) Rev 21:23
The Lamb (the Overcomer) Rev 17:14

I will set up One Shepherd over them, and he shall feed them. Eze 34:23

One Shepherd Jhn 10:16
Jehovah's Shepherd Zec 13:7
The Shepherd of the Sheep Hbr 13:20
The Way Jhn 14:6
The Door of the Sheep Jhn 10:7
The Shepherd of Israel Eze 34:23
The Shepherd and Bishop of Souls 1Pe 2:25
The Good Shepherd (that laid down his life) Jhn 10:11
The Great Shepherd (that was brought again from the dead) Hbr 13:20
The Chief Shepherd (that shall again appear) 1Pe 5:4

The Tree of Life in the midst of the Paradise of God. Rev 2:7

The Root of Jesse Isa 11:10
The Root of David Rev 5:5
The Root and Offspring of David Rev 22:16
A Rod out of the stem of Jesse Isa 11:1
A Branch out of his roots Isa 11:1
The Branch Zec 6:12
The Branch of the Lord Isa 4:2
The Branch of Righteousness Jer 33:15
A Righteous Branch Jer 23:5
The Branch strong for thyself Psa 80:15
The Vine Jhn 15:5
The True Vine Jhn 15:1
The Tree of Life Rev 2:7
The Corn of Wheat Jhn 12:24
The Bread of God Jhn 6:33
The True Bread from Heaven Jhn 6:32
The Bread which came down from Heaven Jhn 6:41
The Bread which cometh down from Heaven Jhn 6:50
The Bread of Life Jhn 6:35
The Living Bread Jhn 6:51
The Hidden Manna Rev 2:17
A Plant of Renown Eze 34:29
The Rose of Sharon Sgs 2:1
The Lily of the Valley Sgs 2:1
A Bundle of Myrrh Sgs 1:13
A Cluster of Camphire Sgs 1:14

I am the Light of the world; he that followeth me shall have the Light of Life. Jhn 8:12

The Light Jhn 12:35
The True Light Jhn 1:9
A Great Light Isa 9:2
A Light came into the world Jhn 12:46
The Light of the world Jhn 8:12
The Light of men Jhn 1:4
A Light to lighten the Gentiles Luk 2:32
A Light of the Gentiles Isa 42:6
A Star Num 24:17
The Morning Star Rev 2:28
The Bright and Morning Star Rev 22:16
The Day Star 2Pe 1:19
The Day-spring from on High Luk 1:78
The Sun of Righteousness Mal 4:2

The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower. Pro 18:10

The Strength of the children of Israel Joe 3:12-16
A Strength to the Poor Isa 25:4
A Strength to the needy in distress Isa 25:4
A Refuge from the Storm Isa 25:4
A Covert from the Tempest Isa 32:2
The Hope of his people Joe 3:12-16
A Horn of Salvation Luk 1:69

They drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. 1Cr 10:4
The Rock Mat 16:18
My Strong Rock Psa 31:2
The Rock of Ages Isa 26:4
The Rock that is higher than I Psa 61:2
My Rock and my Fortress Psa 31:3
The Rock of my Strength Psa 62:7
The Rock of my Refuge Psa 94:22
A Rock of Habitation Psa 71:3
The Rock of my Heart Psa 73:26
The Rock of my Salvation 2Sa 22:47
My Rock and my Redeemer Psa 19:14
That Spiritual Rock 1Cr 10:4
The Rock that followed them 1Cr 10:4
A Shadow from the Heat Isa 25:4

Other Foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1Cr 3:11

The Builder Hbr 3:3; Mat 16:18
The Foundation 1Cr 3:11
A Sure Foundation Isa 28:16
A Stone Isa 28:16
A Living Stone 1Pe 2:4
A Tried Stone Isa 28:16
A Chief Corner-stone 1Pe 2:6
An Elect Stone 1Pe 2:6
A Precious Stone 1Pe 2:6
The Head Stone of the Corner Psa 118:22
A Stone cut out without hands Dan 2:34, 45
But unto them which are disobedient, —
A Stone of Stumbling 1Pe 2:8
A Rock of Offence 1Pe 2:8

In His Temple every Whit of it uttereth His glory. Psa 29:9
The Temple Rev 21:22
A Sanctuary Isa 8:14
The Minister of the Sanctuary and of the True Tabernacle Hbr 8:2
Minister of the Circumcision Rom 15:8
The Veil (his flesh) Hbr 10:20
The Altar Hbr 13:10
The Offerer Hbr 7:27
The Offering Eph 5:2
The Sacrifice Eph 5:2
A Ransom (his life) Mar 10:49
The Lamb Rev 7:9
The Lamb Slain Rev 13:8

Within the Veil
The Forerunner (for us entered, even Jesus) Hbr 6:20
The Mercy-seat (or Propitiation) Rom 3:25
The Priest Hbr 5:6
The High Priest Hbr 3:1
The Great High Priest Hbr 4:14
The Mediator 1Ti 2:5
The Daysman Job 9:33
The Interpreter Job 33:23
The Intercessor Hbr 7:25
The Advocate 1Jo 2:1
The Surety Hbr 7:22

Monday, October 31, 2011

“Make me a Book worm for Jesus.”

Charles Spurgeon picked up a Bible with a hole made all the way through by a worm, and he cried out, “Make me a Book worm for Jesus.”
 Let this be not only the cry of our hearts, but the reality of our lives!

Monday, October 24, 2011

God's Goodness Portrayed Through Autumn

Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. Isaiah 6:3 
The earth is full of the goodness of the LORD. Psalm 33:5 
God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31
I have never loved autumn as much as I do this year. The goodness of the Lord is being revealed to my heart through His beautiful creation. I love to observe that which He has created! Me and some of my family took a hike up Horse Tooth and it was the most beautiful I have ever seen it! Below is a collaboration of some of the time spent with my Jesus and with my camera whether hiking or just wandering about in my backyard!:) Oh, how I love my precious Lord!

This one reminds me of an enchanted valley of some sort!

May this be a reminder to always walk in His ways!
My view of the trail - and yes, I read while hiking!

My handsome brother, David!

Isn't the Lord so marvelous?!

Dad and Jessi :) So cute!

I absolutely love this one - some of my favorite things
Bible, sunrises and the ocean! 
Sweet Talia Rose!

Yes, this is in New Jersey, but I think it is just so lovely !