Monday, October 10, 2011

to set lives free….


Shocking News: Gathered information of a doctor selling 12- 15 months babies to unknown people. It is not for adoption but the real purpose is not known. A mother who was trapped by this doctor shared the information with Indian Rescue Mission today.

There is possibility that he is selling these kids bodies are used to make pickles in China, or for child suicide bombers, or for training into begging.

We are gathering more information on this. Found that recently Police caught hold of this doctor (not raid) and doctor bribed the Police Rs. 2,00,000.

We need to use a special branch and conduct raid on doctor’s clinic and home. One of the team members needs to act as customer and then bust out this racket.

One baby is sold for 90000 he gives half of it to mother and half he keeps it for himself.

Indian Rescue Mission Planning to conduct raid on his clinic and bust this racket out. Keep us in prayers.

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