Monday, February 4, 2013

Nothing too small for His love

Here is a precious story from Corrie Ten Boom's message, Effectual Fervent Prayer. It has greatly impacted my life, and every time I hear it I am reminded of the Lord's sweet and kind heart.

"I learned that in the difficult class of life’s school when I was a prisoner. When you are in a difficult class, then you learn much, especially when the teacher is good, and my teacher was the Holy Spirit. And He taught me so much. And one of the things was about there’s nothing too small for God’s love. I was a few days in the concentration camp, and I said to my sister, “Betsy, I’ve caught a cold and I have no handkerchief. What must I do?” Betsy said, “Pray.” I did the same like you. I laughed. But she didn’t laugh. She folded her hands and said, “Father, in Jesus name I pray that you will give Corrie a handkerchief. She has caught a cold. Amen.” And she had hardly said “Amen” when I heard that they called out my name and there stood a friend of mine, a fellow prisoner, who worked in the hospital. I said, “You’ve come, Tomika. You visit me.” And she said, “No, no, I have no time. I just come to bring you a little present.” And she gave me a very small package, and I opened it and it was a handkerchief. I said, “How in the world did you know that I needed a handkerchief?” She said, “I found an old sheet, and I was sewing handkerchiefs from that old sheet, and when I was busy there was a voice in my heart who said, ‘Bring a handkerchief to Corrie Ten Boom.’” Can you understand what a handkerchief tells you in such a moment? That there is a Father in Heaven who hears it when on a very small planet, the earth, some one of His children prays for impossible small things, for a hankie, and that Father in Heaven tells one of His other children, “Give a handkerchief to Corrie Ten Boom.” That is the foolishness of God. But the foolishness of God is the greatest wisdom. And I learned so much by that handkerchief.

"Just imagine when your little child or grandchild cries because an old doll is broken. And she brings that doll to her daddy. She says, “Oh Daddy, my doll is broken.” What does Daddy say? “Oh girl, put it away. That doll is not worth a dime.” No, Daddy doesn’t say that. He says, “That’s too bad. Come here, come to Daddy. I will try to mend it.” And that grown up man tries to repair that old doll. How in the world, can a grown up man give so much time to such a valueless thing as a broken doll? Because he sees it through the eyes of the little one. Because he loves the little one. And so God sees your problems through your eyes because He loves you."

"There’s nothing too great for God’s power. There’s nothing too small for His love." {Corrie Ten Boom}

Thursday, January 31, 2013

what is sin? It is an infinite evil, because it outrages every infinite attribute of God. Hence, it is inseparably linked with infinite woe.
Oh! who can tell the boundlessness of its dread results.
It scales the heavens, and awakens wrath.
It goes down to hell, and kindles inextinguishable flames.
It rolls on, a ceaseless tide, throughout eternity.
A moment did it. But no ages can undo it.
Who then can bear it away? The touch of man makes it more sinful.
Angels' efforts are as a straw before a rock.
But Jesus comes. His blood is sprinkled, and it vanishes.
He hurls it from Him, and it is no more found.

Why? Because Jesus is God.
If the height of heaven were the pulpit; if the pealing thunder were the voice; if the universe were the audience; no more worthy utterance could sound, than that the blood of Jesus blots out sin, because the blood of Jesus is the blood of God.

{Henry Law}

Monday, January 14, 2013


You cannot, and will not have victory over sin if you do not commit ALL to Jesus. Surrender. Do it. Right now. You can stop waiting for that opportune moment, because that moment is now. Flee from your sin, and run to the loving arms of Jesus, who gave His ALL for you.
Time is fleeting...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Who He Is

God is love. He is an all consuming, completely holy, God of love.
He satisfies the deepest longing, and fills to overflowing.
 In His presence is complete joy- a joy that cannot, will not be taken away to those who trust Him.
He is a refuge of safety for the weak, and entirely safe to trust.
Completely worthy of adoration.  A light shining in the darkness.
He is the beginning, the end, and all in between.
He is the Way the Truth and the Life.
He is hope to the broken, a rescuer of the lost, a lifeguard to the drowning.
Food to the starving, and water to those who thirst.
He is more faithful than the waves of the sea, which never cease to come to the shore.
He is a healer to the hurting, a refuge for the lost, a strength to the weary, a law for the lawless.
He is always enough.
He is a righteous Judge, a heavenly Creator, a lily among thorns, and a comforter in the midst of sadness.
He makes whole the broken, and sets free those in bonds.
God is a defender of the weak, a Father to the fatherless, and rest to the restless.
He is Lord of all, high above all, and worthy of all.
A Guide to the wandering, a Savior to the sinner, and the Destroyer of sin.
He despises lies, because He is truth, He despises pride, because He is humble.
He is a lion-like lamb, and a lamb-like lion.
He is life to the dying, and a Physician to the sick.
The God of grace, deliverance, peace joy, purpose, love, redemption, freedom, forgiveness, of beauty.

He is jealous for your soul.

He is calling you.

"I will never stop loving you. Be assured, I will never abandon you. I will restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast. You will be amazed. I, even I , am He who comforts you. I did not send Jesus into the world to condemn you, but to save you and everyone who believes through Him. Come to me. Come to me. Come to me." {John 3:17; Isaiah 51:2; James 1:17;  Psalm 138:8; 1 Peter 5:10; Isaiah 55:2 paraphrased}

Do you want freedom? Healing? Hope? Look to Jesus.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." {James 4:8}

Surrender to Jesus. He is worthy.

with HIS love,

Hannah Brooke Hartman