Thursday, January 31, 2013

what is sin? It is an infinite evil, because it outrages every infinite attribute of God. Hence, it is inseparably linked with infinite woe.
Oh! who can tell the boundlessness of its dread results.
It scales the heavens, and awakens wrath.
It goes down to hell, and kindles inextinguishable flames.
It rolls on, a ceaseless tide, throughout eternity.
A moment did it. But no ages can undo it.
Who then can bear it away? The touch of man makes it more sinful.
Angels' efforts are as a straw before a rock.
But Jesus comes. His blood is sprinkled, and it vanishes.
He hurls it from Him, and it is no more found.

Why? Because Jesus is God.
If the height of heaven were the pulpit; if the pealing thunder were the voice; if the universe were the audience; no more worthy utterance could sound, than that the blood of Jesus blots out sin, because the blood of Jesus is the blood of God.

{Henry Law}

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