My Life

The only way to define me would be to say that I am a girl who is absolutely in love with her one True Love: Jesus Christ. He is who truly defines who I truly am.  Sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut when it comes to talking about Him and the things He is doing in my life!  :) If you would like to read my testimony you can visit here. It is only a mere glimpse of my life, though I am really happy to share the full story with you over a steaming cup of tea or coffee. 

This is the cry of my heart: to reach out to a dying world and show the love of my Savior, To make a difference in every heart that I encounter. 

The Lamb that was slain has much glory that is due His name. I have an absurd love for hurting people, specifically in India, Pakistan, Fiji, America, and North Korea, or any place where impossibilities lie, but it is not the lost sheep that keeps me going - It is a sincere love for my Lord, and the glory due His name. There are so many who have trampled over the precious blood of our Redeemer, and thus, are deeply hurt by the affects of sin. May God receive the glory due His name in their lives! 

I pray that you will be greatly blessed by this blog, and that it will penetrate the depths of your heart. I long to see men and women rising up and becoming the full stature of Jesus. May this blog encourage you to press harder in His love, to dive deeper in His word, to be filled and overflowing with the joy of our Lord, and to fight vigorously, through prayer for His Kingdom! God bless you all!

Much love in Christ Jesus, For the King and His glory, 

Hannah Brooke Hartman
मैं अपने प्यार यी - Oh how I love my Jesus!

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